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        LITHIUM BATTERY MATERIALLithium Battery Materials: The company is devoted to changing the lithium battery with the power of Chemistry. It has a variety of materials in the field,mainly including lithium battery binder, solvent materials, etc. Our products can significantly improve the performance of lithium batteries by bettering resis-tance to high and low temperature, cycle times, and safety.


        BinderElectrolyteModified Cellulose

        High performance lithium battery binder

        1、Negative graphite, silicon carbon water-based binder: high bonding, low addition, low cost, can improve battery dynamics, low temperature, cycle, expansion and other properties, can be used in power, digital, energy storage and other fields;

        2、Water-based binders for diaphragm ceramics and functional coatings: good compatibility, good adhesion, high temperature resistance, low moisture and low cost;

        3、Positive water and powder binder: developed jointly with universities, low cost;

        4、Accept cooperative development and customization。


        MODELViscosity RangeMolecular WeightApply To System
        L-H1094000-5000150000Graphite Cathode
        L-H1093000-4000123000Graphite Cathode
        L-M2092000-300084000Graphite Cathode
        L-L309100-1000/Silicon Carbon Anode/Coating Diaphragm
        L-L20920-30/Solid Electrolyte

        Performance Advantage

        Lithium supplementation, first effect improvement, cycle improvement, DCR reduction, fast charging and discharging

        The medium viscosity L-M209 has lithium supplementation effect, which has obvious improvement on circulation, kinetics and DCR

        The high viscosity L-H109 added little, which improved the circulation, dynamics and DCR obviously

        Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

        Slurry preparation, viscosity range is wide, insoluble matter is very low, can be used in graphite anode, diaphragm and conductive slurry and other fields.


        • Conductive Paste

          The positive plate impedance can be significantly improved by shortening the processing cycle, dispersing acetylene black with high specific surface area evenly, high solid content and low viscosity.
        • NMP

          Industrial-grade American technology, electronic-grade South Korean technology, high purity, low moisture. Water value < 100ppm, other impurities are PPB level, Samsung SDI domestic designated supplier.
        • Silica Materials

          Japanese technology; After carbon coating, the size of active particles was not changed, the coating was uniform, the expansion of silicon particles was inhibited, and the circulation and initial effect were improved.
        • Electrolyte

          With an annual output of 10,000 tons, it will be put into production in June 2017. The project integrates r&d, production and technical services.
        • Hotline:4000-300655
        • Email:sales@jingrui-chem.com.cn
        • Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

        All rights: Crystal Clear Electronic Material Co.,Ltd.



        Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

        All rights:Crystal Clear Electronic Material Co.,Ltd.



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